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As a former school counselor, I have worked in closets, classrooms, computer labs, small offices, large offices, and in cafeterias. When it came time to write my dissertation, I decided to create something that I felt could help school counselors across the country- a way to look at your space and know how to improve it to create and facilitate better school counseling relationships with your students. Alternatively, you can use results to advocate for a better space. 

What is the SCOFFEE exactly?

The SCOFFEE is a short survey of yes or no questions. These questions build a profile of your space and offers you evidence-based insight into how your space may be hindering or helping your work with students. When you are done with the survey, you can print your results for your reference, or to bring to your supervising administrators to help you advocate for a more appropriate school counseling space. Is your school about to undergo some rebuilding or remodeling? Use the SCOFFEE to make sure the changes a meaningful for school counseling!

Elements of space that are explored using the SCOFFEE include the size of the space, the layout of furniture, the colors in your space, windows, the presence of personal items in your space, and other elements that have explored through research regarding space and its effect on building relationships with clients.

How long is this going take?

It usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the SCOFFEE survey.


You do not need to submit any personal identifying information to complete the SCOFFEE. I am asking school counselors to include some brief general information (your state, your zip code, your caseload size, the grade levels you serve, and if your school is Title 1). This information is going to be used to examine trends and inequities in the spaces that school counselors are given throughout the country. I am not collecting IP address information, your name, email addresses, or anything that can identify you personally. If you have any questions about the information being collected, please email me at

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