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Research with the SCOFFEE

Creating more Replicable and Descriptive Research 

Using the SCOFFEE Outside of
Research Involving Space

Why every school counseling researcher should consider using the SCOFFEE

Based on my research, I believe that space can have anywhere from a little to a tremendous impact on the work of school counselors. Even if you believe the impact is small, you cannot deny that the school counseling office can look wildly different from district to district, school to school, counselor to counselor. 

School counseling research commonly leaves out descriptions of the spaces in which school counseling the school counseling research has taken place. If there is a description provided, key components (elements of the space that have been found to impact counseling relationships) are left out or overlooked. 


If you want to create repeatable experiments, you need to provide information to facilitate the recreation of your work. Ten minutes with the SCOFFEE will help you collect a meaningful description of the space in which you are conducting your work which you can include in your manuscript. Publishing your work with a clear description of the most important elements of the space make your work more helpful to the field and easier recreate by future researchers. If you are recreating someone else's work and you cannot recreate the space of the original research, explain it with the SCOFFEE. If the original work does not include a description of the space, use the SCOFFEE to discuss what elements of the space might be changed in future research to improve results. 

In addition, understanding the important elements of a space, and protecting those elements as you collect data, will ensure that there are less uncontrolled variables impacting your outcomes. 

The SCOFFEE is a free addition to your work that adds depth and clearer understanding for your readers and future researchers.

For permission to use the SCOFFEE in your work, please contact Dr. Elizondo at

Using the SCOFFEE Outside of Research Involving Space

Using the SCOFFEE to Conduct Research Involving Space

If you want to research the effects of space on any aspect of school counseling, from school counselor identity, self-efficacy, or burnout, to outcomes with students involving social/emotional counseling, academics, or college and career counseling, the SCOFFEE can support your work. It is a tool that can be used to help you assess the space and maintain a record of changes to the space. 

For permission to use the SCOFFEE in your work, please contact Dr. Elizondo at

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